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Welcome to another part of the website which is intended to reflect a portion of my personal collection of items/artifacts which relate to:
  1. Canadian military communications technology particularly equipment used during WW-II
  2. Vintage tube radios especially North-American
  3. Vintage transistor radios
  4. Compact recorders from the 1950's & 1960's
  5. Classic calculators
  6. Special Events and Museum Visits
  7. Listing of Auctions in Eastern Ontario (Canada)
This part of the collection has been accumulated over the last 20 years or so.

If you have any of the items in my ITEMS WANTED section or if you can assist in identifying leads to where they could be found, I would be most grateful if you would send me an email at (Richard).

Any content (original photos or text) which is displayed herein is for the strict viewing and educational enjoyment of those who visit this website. Other sites can link to content of this website or parts therein and must do so with appropriate and clear accreditation. The whole or any portions of photos and/or text herein or local to this website (i.e. which extend from must not be copied nor reproduced without the explicit consent of the author Richard Brisson who can be reached at his email address.

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