British Paper (Likely Written in 1943)


Husband of Cottingham Girl

    Captain Begue, a Frenchman, who holds the rank of captain in the British army, was recently decorated by the King with the M.C. He first came over to England in 1934 when he went to the University College of Hull for one year. During his stay he met and fell in love with Rosemary Carrick, a Cottingham girl, who joined him in 1938 to be married in Paris, where they made their home.
    War breaking out, Capt. Begue was called to the French army but was later sent as a liaison officer to the British, with whom he came to England through Dunkirk. He then joined the British army. The circumstances in which he won the M.C. have not been revealed; even his wife does not know.
    Madame Begue left France three days before war was declared, leaving the house in Paris full of furniture. What has become of it neither she nor her husband know. Capt. Begue has a cousin living in Kirkella, whose husband is French professor at the University College. Capt. and Mrs. Begue have a daughter aged four, who was born when Madame Begue reached England.